Falling out of love with bopo

  Back to the beginning When I was growing up, Body Positivity wasn’t a "thing”. Well, not in small town South Wales it wasn’t anyway! I was born too bloody early. Instead I was destined to spend all of my childhood stuck on a never ending succession of soul sucking...

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One small step……….

Hi! How are you? Remember me?! To be completely honest I wouldn’t blame you if you’d picked up your ball and gone home! I mean, it’s been a looooong old time since I graced these tinterweb pages.   I thought it was about time I offered you a little explanation as to...

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Getting My Body Positive Pants On

We have one life, and one body to live it in. Is mine the body I’d have picked out from the pre-life catalogue had I been given a chance? For years I’d have said no, but  do you know what? I’m getting to the stage in my life where I’m thinking that maybe it is! Because so far in my 40 years on this earth it has done me proud (even with the pretty serious demands I’ve put on it) and it enables me to live a bloody brilliant life that I am thankful for every day.

Am I body positive? You bet your bottom dollar I am!

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Sunshine State (of mind)

What has changed this year? Well……me! And when I say me, I mean my mindset, NOT my body. I am not suddenly the taut size 10 I once dreamed of being. I am still the wobbly size 16 that my body seems to have settled at since I ditched the diets a couple of years ago. But, a few things have occurred to me which encouraged me to unleash my tankini on the beaches of Cornwall so I thought it might be worth sharing them.

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Step away from the scales!

Gone are the days when I would weigh myself umpteen times a day and then allow the number before my eyes to dictate how the day was going to pan out. It’s time to find some fabulous ways of kicking the weighing scales into touch!

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Jog On!

Something monumental has happened in the last few weeks, but I think I might need to whisper it for fear of bursting the bubble……come closer……. I think I might have rediscovered my running mojo!

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How to Build a Positive Social Media Party!

If following a certain person is triggering you into feeling crap about yourself, go ahead and unfollow them. It’s really no big deal. I mean, why spend your days getting wound up, or even worse, filled with self doubt, all because of the stuff that that certain person constantly posts? And likewise, I’d also suggest that its well worth actively searching for accounts that are going to lift you up make you feel brilliant when their words of wisdom or inspirational images pop up on your time line!

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Words of Wisdom to My Younger Self!

Last month, Ben and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary and as an inevitable (and slightly cheesy!) part of the anniversary celebrations, the wedding photo album came out and I hate to say it, but looking through them left me feeling a bit sad.

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The Power of Positive Thinking

You keep telling yourself that you’re fat, ugly and useless and you’ll get nowhere fast, but change the record and repeat to yourself how confident and comfortable you are in your own skin and slowly but surely, you’ll start to feel the difference! Hell what have you got to lose? If you’re going to be telling yourself one of those stories anyway, then why not put the effort into making it the positive one?

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Eating For Health

Ok. So you’ve stopped dieting. But you’re still a size 16. How can this possibly be a good thing? Get back on that diet and get yourself down to a size 10, fatty……..

I’m slightly ashamed to admit that in my not so positive moments (which thankfully occur far less frequently these days), this is what I imagine a lot of people think when I tell them that I am a diet-ditching health coach!

So in a bid to silence my (inner?) critics, I thought it was worth putting pen to paper in a bid to explain my current relationship with food.

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