I’ve tried out some new recipes lately and have been throughly enjoying both making and eating them. It can be so easy to get caught in the same old routines and meal plans and sometimes you just need to give yourself a bit of extra encouragement to be more adventurous in the kitchen! Added to which, even though I was a little sceptical at first, I invested in Fearne Cotton’s new book this week (Cook Happy, Cook Healthy) and there are some GORGEOUS recipes in it. Anyway, none of these recipes have actually come from that book……most have been sort of mish mashy ones that I have adapted from various other recipes I’ve picked up along the way.


Here’s my current favourite breakfast! Vanilla and coconut chia pudding topped with Pip and Nut’s coconut almond butter, bee pollen and goji berries. Despite looking like frog spawn, it tastes divine, keeps me full until lunch and I know that I’m getting a gert big hit of goodness first thing in the morning thanks to the chia (a great source of protein, amongst many other things), goji berries (the most nutritionally dense fruit on earth don’t ya know! Chockablock full of amino acids, protein, vitamin C, iron, calcium, zinc……I could go on!! ) and the delicious bee pollen (which is just so full of goodness, I don’t even know where to begin!!! An amazing super food which really boosts my energy first thing in the morning.)


I’m including this primarily because it just looks so pretty!!! We have a new Waitrose in town, complete with a Cornish food store which sells food only produced in Cornwall, and from the fridge I picked up a box of Cornish grown edible flowers. Look at the impact they make! Aren’t they amazing?? How could you not be wowed when presented with a salad topped with those beauties??! Just beautiful!


This dinner was a definite winner! A vegan black bean chilli, gorgeous creamy guacamole and an amazingly zingy mango and sweetcorn salsa. Oh and some homemade tortilla chips on the side. A great Saturday evening dinner!


Talking of Saturday evenings………When Ben gets home on a Friday night, we both like to chill out and ease ourselves in to the weekend with a couple of beers, but rather than accompanying that with shop bought beer snacks, I’ve got quite into making my own. I definitely prefer to know exactly what’s gone into them and they’re so quick and easy to whip up, it really is no hassle at all. So, from the top, we have sea salt and apple cider vinegar almonds; tamari almonds and chilli and lime pumpkin seeds.

thumb_IMG_0864_1024 2

My latest favourite sweet treat…….refined sugar free millionaires shortbread, adapted from a Livia’s Kitchen snickers slab recipe. Yes, they contain dates and maple syrup and yes, I realise that that means they contain a lot of fructose, but the way I see it is that they act as a great transition food. Not so long ago, I truly was a total sugar monster. Seriously, I could devour a whole packet of biscuits in one night. Easy peasy! Now I know that the hardcore quit sugar lobby say you should quit cold turkey by cutting even fruit sugars out right from the start but, I tried and failed! For me, it was back to another all or nothing diet, and I have personally found that having home made, refined sugar free treats available in the house suits me far better. Yet again, it’s all about balance. The added bonus is that I am truly satisfied after just one or two small pieces…..something which NEVER used to happen when we had “normal”chocolate or biscuits in the house!

This week I have a whole new list of gorgeous recipes to trial and I’m going to have a go at experimenting with tofu for the first time. Wish me luck!!!!