For the last week or so, I’ve been feeling a bit rubbish. I’ve felt overwhelmed by the amount of “stuff” I have to do; I’ve not been listening to my body and as a result have been eating quick, easy and not particularly nutritious food, and as an extra added bonus, I’ve been letting that inner bitch get louder and nastier with each passing day.


I’m not entirely sure what’s brought me to this point. I think its been a culmination of a number of different things, but what I do know is that rather than wallowing and allowing myself to descend faster and harder into a downwards spiral, I need to pull up my big girl pants and start working on finding my little miss positive once again.


After mentioning feeling like this in my Facebook group this morning, a few other Happilicious ladies said that they have been struggling recently too, so I thought I’d use this week’s blog post to share some of the ways I’ve pulled myself out of a rut in the past.


1. Starting my day with a green smoothie


I know it sounds like such a cliché, but starting my day with a green smoothie makes a huge difference to my mornings. If I start the morning with with rushed, crappy breakfast, I can pretty much guarantee that the rest of the food for the day will continue in the same vein. When I crack open the Nutribullet, I feel far more positive just as a result of the knowledge that I’ve filled my body with some tip top nutrients before the day has even begun (my smoothies usually consist of spinach, frozen berries, banana, cacao powder, been pollen and almond milk). In my book, taking the time to make myself a smoothie also counts as an act of self love – I’m proving to myself that I’m worth the effort!




2. Booking a wax and whacking on the moisturiser

When you’re feeling like shit, faking it til you make it is definitely where its at! And for me, when my limbs are flaky, dry and hairy, even faking it it damn near impossible. So, in order to give myself an extra helping hand, I’ve booked myself into a salon to get a good old wax and then I’ll be using the beautiful moisturiser that I usually save for best (Jo Malone – a great 40th birthday pressie from my best mate) and I’ll be slathering myself in the stuff until I feel like a beautifully scented goddess!

Self care is so important and yet it’s often overlooked. We spend our days so wrapped up in taking care of everyone else, that we let ourselves slip to the bottom of the pile, and then we wonder why we end up feeling like a wrung out rag! I say it’s time we start a self care revolution!


3. Listening to podcasts that amuse and inspire me


I do quite a bit of walking every day and when I’m not with the kids, my ear buds are well and truly lodged in. Now while I LOVE music, it sometimes makes a really welcome change to listen to a podcast or two and over the last few months I’ve discovered some new favourites which keep me entertained and amused. My only problem when listening to podcasts is dealing with the bemused stares I get from people when I’m giggling out loud or nodding along in agreement!


Just in case you fancy having a listen, I’m currently loving Cherry Healey’s Letters to my Fanny; The Whole and Healthy Live podcast with Laura Agar Wilson and Kezia Hall; Don’t Salt My Game by Laura Thomas PHD – admittedly the last two are about me getting my health coaching geek on, but I’m pretty sure that you’ll find them interesting too.


4 Stepping away from social media and getting my head in some books

I’m going to write a whole post entirely about this issue, but I thought it was worth touching on here any way…..When you’re feeling a bit crap, the last thing you need is to be dealing with the inevitable comparison that occurs when you spend an age pouring over other peoples’ perfectly curated social media feeds. So why not think about giving yourself a Facebook/Instagram break for a day or two? If you find your fingers twitching over your phone grab a paperback and remind yourself how lush it feels to read actual, real books again instead! (I’m currently LOVING “Big Girl” by Kelsey Miller).



5 Having a hibernation day at home


While I’m writing this list extoling the virtues of taking action to get yourself out a hole, I’m also a big believer in occasionally going with the flow and allowing yourself some guilt free time to indulge in a pity party for one! There are times when we really are just knackered and burnt out and what we really need to do is give ourselves permission to do nothing but hibernate under a blanket in front of Netflix for a while! If you are able to take a day/half a day/ and hour or two, where you can truly switch off and chill out, then plan it in.

Make sure that during your allotted time slot, you do nothing but look after numero uno and treat yourself with the same comfort and care you would a child who was having a sick day off school. Use the time to recharge your batteries, and once your allotted time slot is over, then start working towards putting a positive plan into action.



6 Gratitude

I know that some of you are probably bored of me banging on about this, and I included it in my 7 day challenge, but I really do feel passionate about how powerful a practice it is. Take 5 minutes, every day to remind yourself of all of the good stuff you’ve got going on. It is so easy to get bogged down in the internal lists of things that aren’t going well that the positives are easily overlooked, so make the effort to remind yourself of them.




Life is all about the ebbs and flows. I’m totally aware that this is a feeling I’ve experienced before and you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll feel it again. But appreciating that this is an inevitable part of life which will pass, and being able to use it as a stepping stone towards positivity, makes all the difference. I’m not suggesting that these same tips will work for you, but I hope that they will at least give you a little inspiration next time you’re feeling a bit meh!


If you have any other fail safe tactics that you go to when you’re wobbling, I’d love to hear them!