So, if you read my last post, you’d have seen that my first foray into the world of nutritionists sent me running for the hills. Well. Not the hills exactly. More towards the next VLCD (very low calorie diet)…….Which is essentially, a lot of water and 3 (maybe 4) chemical filled ‘shakes’ per day which add up to around 800 calories and sweet F.A in the form of actual good-for-your-body-nutrition. In fact, (as an aside) it’s even worse than that, because do you know what happens? It exacerbates the yo-yo effect. As you stick to the massively reduced calories, your metabolism slows in order to cope with the lack of food and so when you start eating normally again, ooops, helllloooo crazy fast weight gain! So you get a lot fatter in a very short space of time, your physical, psychological and emotional health take a battering, because you are so obviously a big fat failure, and so you end up in a worse state than you were in when you began! Honestly, they are the work of the devil!!!!

I know, I still haven’t properly explained the shizz about becoming a health coach. Well, in my rather extensive personal research of the diet industry, I have come to realise that there are undoubtedly some really really very bad ones (see above!) and some not so bad ones, but the two big things that they all seem to have in common is that they don’t actually teach you how to ensure good nutrition; and they make you believe that you have to commit yourself to them before you can begin to really enjoy your life!

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You join up and they send you home with a pre-formed plan. And they promise that if you stick slavishly to this plan, you will lose weight and your life will finally begin. But guess what? LIFE IS HAPPENING NOW! Seriously. Right now! Quick, go out there and grab it with both hands. You deserve it. JUST AS YOU ARE. Not when you are 2 stone thinner, or fitting into a size 12. NOW. Right this very minute. It’s yours for the taking and do you know what, with each diet bandwagon you jump on, with each hour you waste fretting about the size of your hips in front of the mirror, you are wasting precious minutes and hours and days and weeks of it!!!!!!  Don’t let the dieting industry convince you that you have to plough all of your time, effort and hard earned cash into their pockets before you are allowed to go out there and grab your own life by the bollocks!!! Phew, glad I got that out. It’s probably a theme that I’m going to return to a few more times as we get to know each other. Its something I feel really quite passionate about (in case you hadn’t guessed!)

The other problem with these diets is that they don’t equip you with the knowledge and confidence that you need to be able to listen to your own body and to actually nourish it with the foods it needs. They make you believe that you have to stick to the list of foods that they provide (which in many cases are often not particularly nutritious!) and that if you deviate from the path, even slightly, then the plan no longer “works”. Heaven forbid if you want to go out for a meal and a few drinks with your nearest and dearest, or if you’ve got an invite to a fabulous wedding………. Na-hah…..Where on earth is your WILLPOWER???!

So what happens? You rock up to the wedding with the best of intentions (I’ll just have one glass of champagne for the toasts; I’ll just choose a green salad from the buffet and I will DEFINITELY stay away from the bread basket; I WILL NOT. I REPEAT. WILL NOT EAT DESSERT!!!) But then you start to relax and have a nice time with friends you haven’t seen for months, the one glass of champagne turns into several, the nibbles and hog roast look too damn fine to ignore and the profiteroles…….? Say no more!! You wake up the next morning feeling hungover, guilty and full of remorse for stacking the plan. And then your “fuck it” gremlin shimmies into the limelight and the rest of the weekend/week/month is a total write off. You all know what I’m talking about, right?!

Now if I’m totally honest, this is something that I have only recently fully got to grips with myself but hell, its been a total revelation. I really feel that following a lot of reading, soul searching, and online obsessing over some Health Coaching legends (step forward Laura Agar Wilson!) I have finally reached a stage in my life where I am able to really tune in to my body and then nourish it with blinkin’ gorgeous, and ridiculously healthy foods. And do you know what? It feels insanely wonderful! I feel free. Don’t get me wrong, I am still overweight, but I see myself very much as a joyful work in progress……. I’ve been able to kick the vast majority of my cravings to the curb; I’m feeling light, vibrant and full of energy and perhaps the best bit is that I’m doing it all on my own terms. If we decide to go out to Pizza Express with the kids on a Friday night, I go and I damn well enjoy it. I have what I want (which is usually wine and a proper pizza, none of your leggera nonsense) and I savour every bite. Then the next morning, do you know what happens? Amazingly, my “Fuck it” gremlin seems to have taken a back seat in favour of my inner Green Goddess! These days she Downward Dogs her way into the front of my psyche and I suddenly realise that my body is asking for a bloody lovely green smoothie and some avocado toast, not a greasy fry up and a can of full fat coke!!!!! I know….. Who’d have thought it?!

And what I’ve really realised is that I want to help other people feel like this. I want to give them the map and the key that they need to escape and run far away from the diet trap. I want to be a support that they can turn to when they get a little confused or start questioning themselves. I want to be able to provide good nutritional advice and help with meal planning or prep that they may initially find a little daunting. I want to be the person that I’d imagined the nutritionist would be for me all those years ago. My only regret is that it’s taken me such a long time to reach this point. I want to make sure that other people don’t have to wait until they are very nearly 40 before they feel that they can go out and grab their own life by the balls!!!!

So here I go. IIN Holistic Health Coach Course is where its at for the next 12 months!

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