Happy International Day of the Girl!

I have to be totally honest with you, I didn’t realise that there even was such a thing until I stumbled across a Marie Claire article about it online last night! While my late discovery has meant that I haven’t been able to do anything radical, high profile and exciting to promote this awesome day, it has nudged me into sitting back and really thinking about how bloody kick ass us girls are!! And it has also fired up my belief that given the current state of high profile girl hate that seems to be out there in the big wide world (Trump the chump anyone?!) we need now, more than ever to stand together in proper female solidarity. As Michelle Obama put it “When they go low, we go high!”

I don’t know about you, but at the moment I feel really energised by a new wave of feminism which is gaining momentum at a crazy pace. There are a lot of women out there who are embracing their feminine spirit and harnessing it to go after the life that lights them up. This of course causes an inevitable ripple effect, lighting up others around us and inspiring other women to go out there and do their thing, whatever it may be! Increasingly there is a shift towards “Mind Body and Soul” careers with a huge number of women who are coming out of the spiritual closet and striving to change the world in a far more gentle, spirit lead way rather than the old school ego bearing, chest beating way that we’ve been encouraged to use in the past. Women such as Rebecca Campbell (Light is the new black, Rise Sister Rise), Elizabeth Gilbert (Big Magic, Eat Pray Love), Lucy Sheridan & Jo Westwood (Higher Selfie) are all writing books and running programmes which encourage us to step into our light, and away from our ego in order to change not only on our world, but also the world of those around us.

With easy access to the internet and social media “getting yourself out there” and connecting to a worldwide audience has never been easier. Thanks to online blogs such as Hurrah for Gin there is now a very prominent and often very funny online conversation based around the very real every day trials of being a mum. They’ve opened a dialogue which didn’t really exist before. The concept of the competitive, uber mum is dying a death and in its place is a feeling that we are all in this together, often with a tantrum ringing in our ears and a poo-filled nappy in our hands.

Not only this, but blogzine Selfish Mother have done truly amazing things in terms of bringing women together virtually, but also in real terms – the Selfish Mother #goodtees campaign has to date donated £250,155 to ace charities around the world including mothers2mothers (m2m), an Africa-based, global nonprofit organisation that unlocks the potential of mothers to break the cycle of paediatric AIDS and create healthy families and communities. All the while enabling the rest of us to look pretty cool and able to spot a fellow #sista a mile off!!!

From my Happilicious point of view, this new wave of sisterhood is also strengthening the message that the time has come to reclaim our bodies and stick two fingers up to the universally approved “way that we are supposed to look”. We need to truly believe, and to prove to younger generations that we are about waaaaaay more than a number on a scale or a dress size. We have a message that we should be allowed to share regardless of how we look or what we weigh. We need to steer the conversation away from appearances and instead towards the way we feel and the principals that we believe in and live our lives by. And we need to back each other every step of the way. Let’s not do each other down. Instead, lets cheer each other on. In the words of my rather fabulous new badge:


A few weeks ago, I spotted the following meme on girlganguk’s insta feed and it hit me like a ton of bricks:


I want to be THIS person. I want to be an inspiration and an encourager and an enabler. I want to help young women to step into their light. I want to help change the world with my #sistas by my side! Who’s with me?!